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Small Quantity Paper & Envelopes - Broken Cartons | Especially for Designers & Printers

Frequently Asked Questions About Paper and Envelopes

  • What is Glodan?
    Glodan is a company that was specifically set up to fill the printers' and designers' need for small quantities of paper and envelopes.
  • What paper sizes are available?
    In the paper grades we offer we sell all sizes the Mill stocks. Glodan can also accommodate special cut sizes as well.
  • Are full cartons available?
    Many of the paper brands sold in small quantities are also available in full cartons. The website will display that option if it is available.
  • What envelope sizes are available?
    We offer #10 regular, A-2, A-6 and A-7 sizes in every color of text and writing grade we distribute plus many additional sizes.
  • How are orders shipped?
    We will ship to any destination, in the continental U.S., using UPS ground service. Three day, two-day and overnight delivery is available upon request. Private UPS account #'s can be used during the checkout process.
  • Payment options?
    We accept all major credit cards.
  • Does Glodan offer discounts?
    We discount paper and envelopes based on volume. As the quantity of an item increases the price per sheet or envelope begins to drop.
  • Can Glodan cut paper to a special size?
    We can cut paper to any special size you need depending on the parent size of the sheet. The cutting option is available online or you can call customer service for more information.
  • How do I track my orders?
    When an order ships a tracking # will be forwarded to the e-mail address originally entered in the ship to information of the order.
  • How do I get price quotes and place orders?
    Price quotes and orders can be done on this web site. You can also call our customer service at 1-800-770-7913 or (610)-344-3411. Fax (570)-221-4291
  • What does paper grain direction mean?
    Paper is made of cellulose fibers that are long on one side and thin on the other (like a toothpick but much smaller). During the paper making process the fibers tend to line up, side by side, with the long part of the fiber consistently facing two directions while the thin part of the fiber faces the opposite two directions. Grain long refers to the two directions the long part of the fiber is pointing and grain short refers to the two directions the short side of the fiber is facing.
  • Why is grain direction important?
    Depending on the final use of the paper, the grain direction can play an important part in the quality of the finished product. For instance, paper folds easier in one direction than in the opposite direction and folding parallel to the grain is always easier. If the printed piece is a heavy card stock that needs to be folded, grain direction should be considered in order to make the fold easier and prevent cracking at the fold. There are also various printing techniques that work better based on the grain direction of the paper.
  • What is the grain direction of paper sold through Glodan?
    The grain direction of paper sold by Glodan is represented by the second dimension. 8.5 x 11 has a grain direction parallel to the 11” side and would be categorized as grain long. 35 x 23 has a grain direction parallel to the 23” side and would be categorized as grain short. 23 x 35 has a grain direction parallel to the 35” side and would be categorized as grain long. 25 x 38 has a grain direction parallel to the 38” side and would be categorized as grain long.

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